On this page, you can find my CV in an informal version. A formal CV is available on a short term notice both in English and German language.

Extremely concise CV

Current state: I am Technology Leader for DataScience and Machine Learning at Procter & Gamble where I work on both strategic and hands-on topics in the areas.

My work history includes being Head of Release Engineering at IVU Traffic Technologies AG. I was responsible for enabling techniques and working paradigms in the DevOps field across six development teams in two development departments. As a result, I have quite some experience in driving change and taking care for teams in changing IT environments.

Usually, I code in Java and Python.

The publications on this web site are a completely personal matter and in no way related to my employers.

Personal Activities

Aside from computer science, I am very interested in how the new means of communication change society. I am also fascinated by the transition from a paper-based society to a society mixed of paper-based and digital paradigms – and sometimes staggered by what can go wrong during this transition.

In contrast to other computer scientists, I really like public speaking (the original, German version of the linked talk has more than a million views), which became kind of my secondary occupation.

All of this suggests that I should have studied some social science in addition to computer science, but even though I didn't, I'm quite happy.

I also like to write and to present information to readers in an easily understandable way. Additionally, I have a strong passion for topics like Data Science and Machine Learning (on these topics I even gave some talks on German hacker conferences that reached more than a million of views each). One of the results of this combination is my manuscript "A brief Introduction of Neural Networks" which I extend every once in a while, and which has been downloaded more than 100.000 times.

Additionally, I like listening to movie scores.

As a further activity, I'd like to name keeping Ants (unfortunately only available in German) – which seems to suggest itself for a person interested in collective behavior. Anyway, it is really recreative to build a habitat for the ants, then watch the colony grow. I also like to photograph, which is a nice combination with the ant keeping. I also try to be outside a lot and always like to accompany some biologist friends on their field trips. Often I try to cover their findings by photography, which the biologists then like in turn (here are some photos of hornets and of woodpeckers feeding their young ones).