On this page, you can CV find my in an informal version. A formal CV is available on a short term notice both in English and German language.

Extremely concise CV

Current state: I am a Systems Engineer at IVU Traffic Technologies AG, working on topics in the DevOps and Continuous Delivery context.

Usually, I code in Java and Python.

Personal Activities

As an activity, I like to write and presenting information to readers in an easily understandable way. One the results of this passion is my manuscript "A brief Introduction of Neural Networks" which I extend every once in a while. Additionally, I like listening to movie scores.

As a further activity, I'd like to name keeping Ants (unfortunately only available in German) – which seems to suggest itself for a person interested in collective behavior. Anyway, it is really recreative to build a habitat for the ants, then watch the colony grow. Finally, I like to photograph, which is a nice combination with the ant keeping.

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