On this page, you can find my in an informal version. A formal CV is available on a short term notice both in English and German language.

Informal Curriculum Vitae

Childhood and School Time, Meckenheim and Brussels

I was born in Bonn (Germany) in 1984, and to stay nearby until the end of elementary school. After elementary, I moved to Brussels for three years in 1994, visiting the International German School in Brussels. 1997, I moved back to Meckenheim (Germany) where I received my university-entrance diploma in 2003.

Already at a very young age, I developed a strong passion for computer techniques, so that my parents gave an Amiga 500 to me at my 7th birthday. On this machine, I started my first, simple minded programming trials.

In the year 2000, I started to program in JAVA, which I have been kept doing ever since.

Studies and research scholarship at Cornell

October 2003, I started my computer science studies at the University of Bonn, Germany. Shortly after the beginning of my studies, I set my eyes on topics like Artificial Life, neurocomputation, computational geometry and multi agent simulation related topics, which I have been pursuing ever since.

From 2005 on, I served as a student assistant in the “Neural Computation and Robotics” division headed by Prof. Rolf Eckmiller, and tought exercise courses in the context of the lectures “Neural Networks” and “Artificial Life” by Dr. Nils Goerke. Later, from 2008 on, I proceeded at the Autonomous Intelligent Systems Division, then headed by Prof. Sven Behnke.

In the summer term 2007, my studies were interrupted by an research invitation by the Computational Synthesis Laboratories at Cornell University, Ithaca, USA, which researches processes that allow complex high-level systems to arise from low-level building blocks. During my stay at Ithaca, I conducted research in the fields of swarm robotics and design automation.

Diploma, PhD scholarship, change of occupation

I completed my studies in March 2009 after my 10th term, when I recieved my diploma degree in Computer Science (then the german equivalent to the master's degree). For my diploma thesis (likewise the german equivalent to the master's thesis) I conducted research in the area of network-distributed evolutionary design of biology-inspired swarm behavior.

In April 2010, I changed my field of research by joining the Computational Geometry group headed by Prof. Rolf Klein as a scholarship1) holder. Overall, this mixture of fields allowed me to gain expert knowledge in both practical and theoretical fields of computer science.

In the start of 2014 I took the opportunity to change my occupation. I went to IVU Traffic Technologies where I work as a systems engineer.

Rest of Life and Retirement

To be filled ;-)

Personal Activities

As an activity, I like to write and presenting information to readers in an easily understandable way. One the results of this passion is my manuscript "A brief Introduction of Neural Networks" which I extend every once in a while. Additionally, I like listening to movie scores.

As a further activity, I'd like to name keeping Ants (unfortunately only available in German) – which seems to suggest itself for a person interested in collective behavior. Anyway, it is really recreative to build a habitat for the ants, then watch the colony grow. Finally, I like to photograph, which is a nice combination with the ant keeping.

1) In Germany, PhD scholarships are a lot less common than for example at US universities.
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