Is your company affected by the Xerox Scanning Bug?

More and more known enterprises reach out ot me these days, asking theirselves if they have a huge problem with their scanned documents. Others are already certain thay actually have a huge problem, some of them in security critical contexts. All have in common that they understandably are afraid of publicity. Affected companies normally have three goals:

  1. They want to solve the problem, if possible, retroactively
  2. They don't want publicity, enterprises with lots of employees don't even want the information published internally
  3. They want to stay eligible for compensations, i.e. they have to be careful not to destroy evidence by solving the problem.

At a closer look, these goals may contradict each other; even large and well-organized enterprises are prone for beginner's mistakes here. Thus, in general: Everyone who gets in touch with me requesting help to evaluate their own situation can be certain not to get his identity revealed by me. I acted this way across the entire xerox saga and I won't stop this way of acting now. My contact data can be found in the imprint.