Page Maintenance

I overhauled the web site a quite a bit, there was a whole lot of things I put off some time, and that came back to me during the Xerox saga rush on the site.

I completely installed a new Dokuwiki Weatherwax from scratch (so far, I've still been using an old Adora Belle peppered with rubbish. And while I was at it, I also reinstalled and reconfigured all the plugins I use. Moreover, the image galleries look nice again (a few months ago, I bugfixed them in a quick and dirty way that made them ugly).

Some old, obsolete pages were dumped, and the navigation was overhauled to consider the blog content a bit more without becoming obtrusive. Originally, the site was never intended to be a blog, which still took its toll in the navigation. As a consequence, the ugly direct link to the blog post with the xerox saga was removed from the home page and got a new (semi-)permanent place within the navigation.

The style sheets and general lay-out were also tuned a bit. The standard font was changed already some time ago to Open Sans, and I've decided I to keep it, at least until I use a completely new design template. Additionally, I changed some of the headers to Open Sans Condensed now. Also, already some months ago, I got a new and bigger root server for the site. While the server originally was planned to provide a lot more resources than a web site like mine needs, I was glad to have the spare power during the Xerox saga impact.

Xerox scanning bug patch released

Xerox released their patch to get rid of the scanning bug. Their press announcement can be seen here. With respect to their large family of devices, they will be releasing the patch in two waves. Also, they set up a short URL where you can download the patch:

I already gave some tech info on the patch in my last blog post. All in all, this was a very interesting episode. Again: Thanks to all of you for the support, and of course, thanks to Xerox for listening and even reaching out instead of making up some legal foo to shut the nasty computer scientist up.

Xerox patch pretested

A few minutes ago, Francis Tse mailed a preliminary version of the Xerox device software update to me. In a conference call with Rick Dastin, Francis Tse and others, and I installed the update on a WorkCentre 7545 and tested my test pages again.

The results seem nice so far: I was not able to see any mangled numbers on the scans of my test pages (of course, this is no guarantee at all, as I am not an image processing specialist – however, it is a lot better than before, where I was able to spot mangled numbers within seconds on every test page).