Page Maintenance

I overhauled the web site a quite a bit, there was a whole lot of things I put off some time, and that came back to me during the Xerox saga rush on the site.

I completely installed a new Dokuwiki Weatherwax from scratch (so far, I've still been using an old Adora Belle peppered with rubbish. And while I was at it, I also reinstalled and reconfigured all the plugins I use. Moreover, the image galleries look nice again (a few months ago, I bugfixed them in a quick and dirty way that made them ugly).

Some old, obsolete pages were dumped, and the navigation was overhauled to consider the blog content a bit more without becoming obtrusive. Originally, the site was never intended to be a blog, which still took its toll in the navigation. As a consequence, the ugly direct link to the blog post with the xerox saga was removed from the home page and got a new (semi-)permanent place within the navigation.

The style sheets and general lay-out were also tuned a bit. The standard font was changed already some time ago to Open Sans, and I've decided I to keep it, at least until I use a completely new design template. Additionally, I changed some of the headers to Open Sans Condensed now. Also, already some months ago, I got a new and bigger root server for the site. While the server originally was planned to provide a lot more resources than a web site like mine needs, I was glad to have the spare power during the Xerox saga impact.