Video and Slides of my Xerox Talk at 31C3

Here is the a video of my Xerox Saga lecture on this year's Chaos Communication Congress (also embedded in this article below). Thanks a lot for all the feedback and all the lots and lots of mails I get! :-)

Some more stuff:

Live streams of 31C3 Lectures

The 31C3 lectures get streamed into the internet right there: – at this place, you can listen to talks until the cows come home. 8-)

Here are again my lecture coordinates: I will be talking at December 28th in Room G. Here is my talk abstract. As the abstract is in German here is what the talk will be about, and here is the 31C3 roadmap.

31c3-Talk: Getting started

Trip organized ✔
Accommodation booked ✔
Talk created ✔
Talk practiced ✔
Communicated with translation and subtitle teams ✔

… i'm really looking forward to the 31C3. :-) A short reminder:: Here is my talk abstract within the 31C3 "Fahrplan" (=Roadmap). Unfortunately the abstract is in German, so here is the article that describes what it is all about. My talk will be on December 28th 23:00 in Room G.