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Xerox scanning errors reproduced - also in other product lines?

It gets interesting around here. This morning, Xerox Germany rang telling me, they (understandably) were thinking I was kidding at first. I was most clear about the fact that the error may easily have existed for years, as already described in my original blog post. And, let me be most clear about another thing: To be fair, I told Xerox support about the error a week before publishing it on my blog.

Now, to the topic. I'm getting first eMails of people telling me they have been able to reproduce the issue. This is not suprising at all, but it's good the way it is, because it's backing me up. But, and this actually is suprising and maybe a bit frightening also: One of the folks mailing me has used my instructions and reproduced the error on a Xerox ColorQube 9201 machine. Edit: Right now I'm getting an email telling me that one was able to reproduce the errors using my TIF scan page on a Xerox Colorcube 9203.

If true, there could be more product lines affected than „only“ the WorkCentre line. Some citation from the corresponding eMail: „Now to figure out how to break the news to my boss.“ Good luck, Mr. Gorsky. I wasn't able to verify this information myself, thouugh – so, please consider this second-hand knowledge, but be prepared. I'm trying to get more information, and I'll keep you posted. Ich versuche, an mehr Infos zu kommen; I'll keep you posted.