USA Trip 2009

After being annoyed about myself almost not to have visited anything while living in Ithaca, NY in 2007, I decided to get back to the task this year. This page is divided into parts as follows: First, there is an introduction (you're reading it right now), second, there is a map of the preliminary route (thx 2 Google Maps), and third, there will be travel reports once the trip is started.

We (a team of 5 persons) will be travelling through the west of the US between August 14th and September 15th using at least a 25ft motorhome. As you can see, our route passes many national parks – so there is hope that we present some nice photos. As stated before, the most beautiful will be put on this page regularly.


Just click on a news headline or the link “Read more” to get more information and regarding picture galleries.

Route (preliminary)

The route may tape some time to load (which is up to Google, not me ;-) ) – but in return, it is kind of interactive. All in all, the route is about 3.000 miles long, which is pretty easy to manage in 4 weaks of motorhome driving. However, I think there will be lots of miles driven spontaneously.

Enlarge map

In general, we want to start in Los Angeles and drive a big curve through the inner of the contry, finally reaching San Francisco. Once the route has finished loading, click on the single waypoints to get more information.

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