New Zealand 2011

One and a half year after our last big road trip through the US in 2009 we are going to hit the road again. Again, we will use a motorhome, but despite the 2009 trip, this time we visit New Zealand. This time, the tour is split in two parts. Verena and I will visit the south island in the first week, then meet Thilo and Lisa on the Interislander and get a Motorhome for the remaining three weeks on the north island. auf der Fähre und übernehmen drei Wochen ein Wohnmobil auf der Nordinsel. This page is divided into parts as follows: First, there is an introduction (you're reading it right now), second, there will be travel reports once the trip is startes, and third, there are maps of the preliminary route (thx 2 Google Maps).


Just click on a news headline to get more information and the respective picture galleries.

Preliminary Route

The route may take some time to load (which is up to Google, not me ;-) ) – but in return, it is kind of interactive. All in all, the route is about 4.000 kilometres long, which is pretty easy to manage in 4 weeks driving. However, I think there will be lots of miles driven spontaneously and in addition, one cannot always drive fast for the roads have lots and lots of curves and there will be many hills.

South Island

North Island

Enlarge map

Once the route has finished loading, click on the single waypoints to get more information.

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