New photo ensembles in my office

Our Institute moved again, and as a consequence I have a much larger office now. Thus, my old photo ensembles were not enough to fill the walls. This is why I added two ensembles.

You might already now the two lower ones “Smooth” and “Turbulent” from an earlier post. The two upper ones “World of Insects” and “New Zealand” are the new ones.

New Zealand

World of Insects

In this ensemble, I particularly set my eyes on macro photography.




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Dear David Kriesel I'm instructor of “neural networks” course in iaukashan university, Iran. I took a look at your pages, I found it very very interesting. I'm reading your book, “a brief introduction to neural networks”. I congratulate you, it's very well written I enjoy when I read it. I also saw your photos, they are so beautiful. I invite you to travel to Iran. you certainly will find many beautiful scene in my country. If you want I can send some of my photos from Iran's nature. Best wishes, Zohreh Dehghani-Bidgoli

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Zohreh Dehghani-Bidgoli
| 2014/02/06 05:27 | reply