Wheeeeeeee, Skydiving!

My first Skydiving try was cancelled because of wind, the second because of the Christchurch earthquake, and the third because of my neck strain. Today, there was unexpected good weather, so I more as a joke called a skydiving team near Auckland. Their answer: Let's do it, we're going to get you in ten minutes, is that fine?

So I did my first skydiving out of 12.000 ft, which was just a-w-e-s-o-m-e! By the way: It would have been a pity if I had paid money for some scenic flight before. The acceleration towards the ground was just amazing! And one of the best things: Verena did jump, too :-)

I would not be a real computer scientist, if I would not have collected some GPS data and have it rendered to plots as well (thanks, Thilo!!) :-)

Skydiving Photos

Skydiving Video

Video is without sound for there is some music in the original and I do not want trouble with the respective owners of the music.

It was not possible to upload the videoi in the first place, even after reducing the quality and shrinking it down to a few megabytes. I will upload it within the next few days. Thanks to the Internet at Orewa Top Ten Holiday Park, which you will be guaranteed to find crappy even if you are used to the slow, expensive Internet all over New Zealand. It's the most expensive and slowest we found in four and a half weeks of New Zealand. This text will remain in the page even after uploading the video to help google pointing out crappy service in nice New Zealand – so, if you want to upload anything that can't be done with a single PC without USB connectors standing in the office, beware of Orewa Top Ten Holiday park!

Verena's Skydiving Photos

Skydiving data plots of David's jump

Especially the altitude is quite nice. The quiet area in the beginning is caused by the plane being checked for I was the first jumper of the day.


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