Finally, we have arrived!

After stopping over in Incheon, another more-than-ten-hours-flight took us to Auckland. After a few hours there, we flew to Christchurch, a rather little hop compared to the two large flights before.

Here, we signed up for our car. During the domestic flight, we were able to see large parts of New Zealand from above, however through the windows and all the gaze the colors are quite flat on the photos. This leads me to a general announcement: For I am on vacation, I will not edit photos that I publish here in any way at all – this will be done in Lightroom once I am back home, and I am sure, the flat colors will look better then. On the first photo by the way, you can see Verena on one of the nice roomy exit seats we got for the first flight :-)

We just moved in a nice hostel we placed a reservation at. Now we try to stay awake till evening, and therefore go to the Twisted Hop.

Position and Route



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