Death Valley and the long way to Yosemite

From afternoon till night, we drove through Death Valley. On our way to Yosemite, we had to drive a large detour caused by forest fires.

After our hotel stay in Vegas (landmark A) we bought lots of water and drove towards death valley – one of the hottest and dryest places in the world.

We found Death Valley to be very, very silent. There was a small gorge we visited, in which not the tiniest sound could be heared, not even air movement. Our route passed Furnace Creek (landmark B) and the deepest point in Death Valley, Badwater Point with its salt-crusted pit of smelly water. This point is actually at negative elevation of 240ft.

After dawn, we made our way towards a campground in Tecopa Springs (landmark D), a small village near Death Valley. Next day (yesterday), the plan was to drive to Lee Vining (landmark E), stay relaxing for the afternoon and night, then take the Tioga pass road to Yosemite taki. Approaching Lee Vining, we found the Tioga pass road closed due to severe forest fires in california. Thus, we were forced to drive a large detour: Four hours of pass road through sonora pass (9600ft), which is a pretty impressive experience to drive with a large RV.

At 10 pm, after about 11 hours driving, we approached Sonora (landmark F), where we stayed for the night. Today, we drove to Yosemite in time and are now residing at Mariposa (landmark G).Pictures of Yosemite will be presented in the context of the next article.

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