New, Bilingual Web Site Online

To be honest: I wanted to get rid of my old CMS (Typo3) and update the whole web site content as well as the design. As a result, I installed DokuWiki and ported the site. However, there are lots of more new things at this place.

  • The page is completely available in German and English language. Use the small flags at the page header, located next to the page title to switch languages. Some (few!) pages are not fully translated yet, so don't feel offended if you get an error message – all translations will be finished within the next few days
  • The page is capable of blogging, which in particular allows for rapid coverage of recent events like scientific conferences, interesting news from the field, interesting things I see or just thougts that come to my mind.
  • To present coverages, articles, etc. more plastically, there are lots of new features built into the page. For instance, it is very easy to include image galleries, YouTube videos or similar content (as an example, see my diploma thesis related page)
  • The page has a clean print style that is chosen automatically in case you want to print
  • Contents were thoroughly revised and extended
  • It is now much easiere for me to maintain the page, which means that there will be more updates in the future – and it doesn't even need a database at all!

Have a nice recreational time at this place :-)


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