"A Brief Introduction of Neural Networks" is bilingual now

After presenting the beta and gamma versions, in february 2008 the delta version of the manuscript was published. Thanks a lot to all the readers sending me remarks. Special thanks go to Beate Kuhl: She managed to translate the whole manuscript! Thus, it is now available both in German and English!

Cover of the manuscriptAs usual, The manuscript is available on the corresponding sub page concerning Neural Networks. Following extensions of the manuscript will be:

  • Further enhancements of the overall arrangement (IMHO, there exist too many small chapters).
  • The biology chapter will be added (the chapter number 2 is reserved for this. It's practically finished.
  • A chapter “Evolution of Neural Networks” will be added, introducing both evolutionary optimization strategies and their appliances of neural nets. There exist lots of evolutionary operators allowing not only for the adjustment of synaptic weights on the net, but also for growing network topologies in order to fit your needs.


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