New Ant Photos: Honey Drop and Grub

On the German edition of my web site, I sometimes blog about the ant colony I keep. Recently, I published some new ant photos. Even though I keep the english blog a bit shorter, I hereby share them with you :-). If you want to have a look on the rest of the ant photos, you might go to my ant-keeping page (unfortunately, it is in German) and klick on the links in the „Neuigkeiten“ (=news) section. Anyway, here are the two most recent galleries:

I tried out some back light macro shots with a drop of honey:

In this series, I put a large grub into the ant's arena. I was awaiting some nasty hullabaloo and lots of soldier ants defending the colony against the „enemy“. However, one singe soldier just dropped in, tossed and turned while biting the grub, and after half an hour the grub was dead. No need for more soldiers 8-O.


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